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Mr. Eltschinger would like to acknowledge the following persons and companies that have contributed to Source Code China:

Rudy A. Schlais, Jr. has been a true inspiration, more than just a coach and a mentor. He is a genuine example of leadership with a great heart, and a real judge of character when it comes to dealing with people. It has been an honor to serve under his command while he served as President during the startup of GM China. Having had the blessing of his support as a partner and non-executive chairman with I.T. UNITED after his retirement as President and CEO, General Motors Asia-Pacific. It has been an unforgettable experience rich in learning.

I am grateful to the Ministry of Commerce; the Ministry of Science and Technology; the Ministry of Information Industry; and the National Development Reform Committee. Their undivided leadership in supporting the high-tech industry while growing a stable economy and long-term vision of positive reforms and planning have brought us to this remarkable milestone of China's becoming the new center for high-end engineering and IT outsourcing services.

I would like to thank Yao Yi, Rick Wang, and their team of expert attorneys at Concord Partners for their contribution to this book through sharing the specialized legal knowledge featured in the China Legal Framework chapter. Working with Concord was a thoroughly pleasant experience. With almost 100 lawyers and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, Concord's exceptional foundation in Beijing's foreign economic law, investment law, corporate law, banking and finance, and foreign direct investment, along with their strong intellectual property practice group made them ideal contributors to this work.

I would like to thank Fei Ning and his team of expert attorneys at Haiwen & Partners. Their specialized legal contribution is reflected in the China Legal Framework chapter. Fei Ning's range spans domestic and foreign commercial dispute resolution—arbitration, litigation, and mediation, and also acting as an arbitrator for CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission). Established in China in 1992, Haiwen & Partners has won many awards and has become one of the leading legal practices in China, with unique expertise in a broad range of practice areas including securities, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, and real estate.

Special thanks go to Bruce Hofman, Founder and Principal of Continuous Improvement Methods for his contribution with an in-depth assessment of the framework of improving the maturity of IT outsourcing enterprises in China. Bruce provided much support with the process-related chapter. He has performed numerous CMMI-related appraisals in China and has a thorough understanding of conducting business in China. He has hands-on experience with China-based IT companies' maturity and operations from a process standpoint. Bruce is focused on supporting China-based IT companies engaged in outsourcing activities to improve their success and help develop the China IT outsourcing industry.

Thank you to Anastasia Dzenowagis and Insight Solutions Group, Inc. for their contribution to the business and knowledge process outsourcing aspects of the book. Anastasia works with global businesses ranging from chocolate to steel, from Latin America to Eastern Europe to Asia. Anastasia has practical experience assisting global enterprises expand their business process models in China through either outsourcing or organic growth for significant business results.

At IDC, I appreciate the assistance of Conrad Chang for sharing his views and in-depth knowledge of the Asian market, specifically the situation in the boom in high-tech and IT outsourcing industries currently taking place in China. It has been a pleasure to share the stage with Conrad at many top conferences and interacting with him during his ongoing research trips to China.

Forrester Research's John McCarthy deserves thanks for his continued support in exchanging notes and information on market conditions here. John has been surveying the China market's IT framework for several years, and is doing a remarkable job at Forrester keeping current touch with market changes and how the high-tech sector and engineering services are developing. John's frequent visits to China also give us more opportunities to exchange ideas in person.

Thanks to Jamie Popkin at Gartner for his frequent sharing of resources and making notes available on how the IT market in China is changing. His regular travels to China give him ongoing insight into developments here, and we have been able to visit both here and at events overseas, certainly to my benefit and I hope to his.

I'd also like to acknowledge Hong Gang at AMA Consulting for his ongoing support, helping hand in sharing knowledge, and providing information on industry activities and outsourcing strategies. His work relating to government officials in China has been of great help. Hong Gang is a driven professional that positively impacts and helps the IT outsourcing industry to take great steps forward, especially in winning key leaders' support towards overseas promotion activities.

Thank you Ben Trowbridge & Curt Riley from Alsbridge for your contribution in helping multinationals and business executives understand the China market IT outsourcing framework, as one of the world's best outsourcing destinations. Your understanding and support of China's IT outsourcing capabilities has been of great value. Your research and streetlevel experience in China demonstrates your commitment to develop and implement the most knowledgeable offshore outsourcing strategies for your clients.

Mike Anobile at LISA.org's (Localization Industry Standards Organization) industry expertise and frank exchange of comments about international enterprises' views on moving their standards and localization work to the China market and related experiences have been exceptionally valuable both to this book and to I.T. UNITED.

Roy McCall convinced me to do this book, and helped me establish my relationship with our fantastic publisher, John Wiley & Sons. He has been a fond supporter of the I.T. UNITED team and business model, sharing in the vision from the start that China is developing itself towards high-end engineering services and high-tech outsourcing. He has been a friend and sounding board, a volunteer in offering his professional views and expert opinion all along. He is an outspoken business figure as befitting a man of his impressive academic background.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my longtime friends and core team members and associates: Reiko Yuan; Laura Ning; Sandy Huang; Sean Zhao; Ray Yang; Charles Zhang; Mike Ouyang; Felix Yu. We've gone quite a ways together, some of us working together since my arrival in China, almost night & day 24/7. We've learned from one another, above all that nothing can replace trust. This book in many ways is a reflection of our success. Thank you, guys.

Appreciation to John Tai, who has been contributing in our global efforts to share knowledge with so many. John is a great friend and close supporter, with patience. Thanks again John. Thanks to Monika Siegenthaler, for her assistance with many aspects of this book during its writing. Monika is a self-motivated achiever with a very astute professional approach and her presence at I.T. UNITED is missed.

Chahriar Assad offered ongoing support and constructive criticism. He has been following the activities and development of the China IT industry through the development of my work here for over a decade. His pragmatic advice and unbiased views reflecting the opinions of executives in the North American and European marketplace have offered great perspective on the market's development.

I'd like to thank Dave Scherer and his wife Patricia, for their support all along and constructive input. Not many friends go as far back as Dave and I do, having shared the sweat while loading larges bales of hay onto 18-wheelers together in Washington State what seems like so many years ago. Thanks 'big brother'.

Armando Vacondio has been a friend and amentor, and has always been supportive of sharing his own insights as an industry consultant and expert with and following the development of my activities in the China market. He was always there to offer thoughts and counseling when necessary and has always been available when times got tough.

Thank you David Beevers for your support ever since we met in Beijing, many years ago. Your friendship has always meant a lot and your professional personality been an example and a source of strength. Thanks David.

Frank-Juergen Richter, head of Horasis is one of the consulting minds that I have to acknowledge for his ongoing input and shrewd vision. Frank is an old China Hand and holds the edge on advising firms from Asia, Europe and the Americas. His network is an impressive one, and goes back to long before his days at the World Economic Forum. Thanks Frank for your help and your friendship.

I'd like to thank Pat Horner, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of E5 Systems, for his continued exchanges and relentless efforts to team-up in sharing knowledge about the state of and the readiness of the IT outsourcing market in China. Pat has accomplished a lot and has a very impressive career behind him. He is one of the contributors that supported my own efforts, with a clear vision of how the China market is shaping up as a leader, and has hands-on experience in doing business in China.

Mark Redfelsen at the Outsourcing Institute has been of great assistance through continued exchanges and sharing notes and industry changes, activities in the North American market, and how China is helping changing outsourcing strategies.

I wish to offer sincere thanks to my father, Ernest, for being such an inspiration. He is living example of success and achievement, having started from simple means. As an artist he is unrivaled in his truly unbelievable ability to transcribe on paper and canvas shapes, colors, figures, and the life that surrounds all of us.

I want to thank my loving fiancée Maureen for her endless smile, positive and constructive spirit, for being by my side without argument and being so understanding of my busy schedule, running a company at China's breakneck market pace. Not withstanding all my other business and community activities in which I have leadership roles and board responsibilities, she unselfishly allowed me to take 10 months out of the little time that remained to complete this book. Love you, Baby.

Special thanks go to my great aunt, Renée de Gottrau, for her unflagging love and interest in the progress of my entrepreneurial career in China. Renee has always been a very positive and warm-hearted person, in everything that she has done and said. Her visiting me in Beijing two times and while she was over 80 meant a lot. Merci, Renee, we are praying for you.

Thanks also Michel de Gottrau, my great uncle who has also been following my career and supporting my progress, sharing his own experiences and knowledge, and visiting me here in China. Michou always has given me pragmatic, honest, and direct feedback on questions and suggestions throughout the years. Merci, Michou.

I extend my gratitude to Romano Anfossi, for his lifelong support, and sharing ideas, love and thoughts. He is truly a wonderful human being with such warmth in his heart, expressed through his great poetry, as a successful and shrewd fashion industry entrepreneur, and having successfully materialized his passion for great things in life with his wonderful winery.

Thank you to all those companies and individuals that shared their vision via the endorsement and advance praise they offered for this book, sharing a common vision.

I am deeply grateful to Sheck Cho, my exceptionally patient editor who shepherded me through the process of being a first-time author.His guidance was absolutely indispensable and support invaluable, even as deadlines, and I'm sure his doubts, passed. Thank you Sheck, the pleasure has been all mine.

And finally I would like to thank my friend Steven Schwankert, who sometimes seemed like a third hand on my keyboard as I wrote this book. He (im)patiently answered all my phone calls, text messages, and e-mails about writing, and generously shared his time in making sure I was on the right track.

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